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  • The MC500 Multi Compact Skimmer is the ideal model for those with little space in their tank or sump or for fitting inside a Jewel Aquarium* without modifying the lights.
  • People that are starting up in marine fish keeping should bear in mind that this skimmer will not only be suitable for the 50 gallon aquarium that they are looking at now but can be reused in their subsequent systems for anything up to 120 gallons.
  • This makes much more sense than spending up to 2 thirds of the Deltec price or more on a budget skimmer and then throwing it away when you move up to your next tank.
  • Tank mounted Installation.

Inside the tank the unit fits tidily against the back or side wall and can be fitted, normally using the supplied bracket, either with the clear front face on view or the black back face forwards.

As long as the water level does not exceed the maximum shown on the body then the unit will operate.

  • Sump Mounted Installation

The skimmer can be used in any sump as long as the water depth is greater than 125mm and does not exceed the max level. An adjustable weir plate is provided that raises the water level to the correct height for any depth.

  • General Operation

Water is drawn in by an Aquabee pump fitted inside through a sliding snail guard at one end. The pump with its patented pinwheel draws an air down the silicone venturi tube and creates an air and water mix.

The pinwheel smashes up the air to form a mass of fine bubbles which attract the protein waste to the air water interface where it is held whilst the bubble rises to the surface where it forms a stable foam.

As the foam builds up it climbs up the skimmer cup for collection as a dark waste where it can be easily disposed of.

The cleaned water passes through the skimmer having first passed through a degassing sponge to remove the majority of bubbles.

The more air and the smaller the bubbles are then the larger the surface area for attraction of the proteins and the more efficient the skimmer becomes.

The Deltec philosophy is that for every 1000 Ltrs of water in the aquarium that you require 400 - 500 Ltrs of air per hour to achieve efficient skimming.

With 200 lts of air this makes the MCE600 skimmer suitable for 550 Ltrs (120 gallons) for a normally stocked reef aquarium or 360 Ltrs (80 gallons) for a heavily stocked fish system.

From testing that we have carried out we have found that Deltec skimmers produce at least 2 - 4 times the air volume used on most competitors skimmers which are claimed to be suitable for comparable water volumes.

The MC500 will not fit easily on the new Vision 450 and for this tank we recommend the MCE600 skimmer with the return flowing into the corner filter box.

New INTERNAL SKIMMER MC 500 Multi Compact (Saltwater Use only)

  • Use:Can be used either in a sump or inside an Aquarium.

The skimmer does not require any form of additional feed pump.

200 litres of air are produced at the venturl

  • Dimensions:L 210 W 90 H 530(allowing for removal of the cup)


  • Sump Min Water Level:Min: 125mm


  • Inside the Aquarium:Body of the unit sits 80mm out of the water plus the height of the collection cup.


  • Stocking

Normal Stocking 550 Litres (120 gallons)

High Stocking 360 Liters (80) gallons)

Click to download Instructions for the MC500 Skimmer.

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